December 6, 2012

Dr. Peter Jamel Khan - a "distinguished servant"

Dr. Peter Jamel Khan

With the passing of Dr. Peter J. Khan, the worldwide Baha'i community has lost a "distinguished servant."

"By any measure, his was a remarkable life, one of earnest striving, of unbending resolve, of unflinching dedication to principle, and of constancy of effort," wrote the Universal House of Justice, on learning of Dr. Khan's sudden passing on 15 July.

Dr. Khan – who was 74 years old when he died – was a member of the Universal House of Justice for 23 years, until his return to Australia in May last year.

Peter Jamel Khan was born in New South Wales on 12 November 1936 to Fazal and Hukoomat Khan from Khassi Kalan in the Punjab region of India. Four years before their son's birth, they were among the first Indian immigrants to settle on Australia's eastern coast.