May 24, 2012

Leonora Holsapple Armstrong -- “mother of the Bahá'ís of Brazil”

Leonora Holsapple Armstrong --“mother of the Bahá'ís of Brazil” 
(The Universal  House of Justice, message dated January 1977; ‘Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-1986’)

May 10, 2012

Marion Jack -- an "immortal heroine", a "shining example to present and future generations"

Marion Jack (1866-1954)
Her courageous exploits in service to the Baha'i Faith inspired Shoghi Effendi to describe her as an "immortal heroine" and a "shining example to present and future generations." (The Baha'i World 1976-1979)

Marion Elizabeth Jack, circa 1885

May 5, 2012

Rufino Gualavisi

Rufino Gualavisi

Rufino Gualavisi Farinango, a renowned indigenous Baha’i teacher, died March 23, 1990 in Otavalo, Ecuador. Mr. Gualavisi taught the Faith to thousands of indigenous people and campesinos and helped open many difficult areas of the country [Ecuador] to the Faith, often accompanied by his spiritual father and teaching companion, Counsellor Raul Pavon. Although beaten and imprisoned at various times, he remained steadfast and never once wavered in his teaching efforts. He is buried in the cemetery "Parques del Recuerdo" in Quito, on the left side and adjoining the resting place of his good friend and staunch admirer, the Hand of the Cause of God Rahmatu'llah Muhajir. On learning of Mr. Gualavisi's passing, the Universal House of Justice cabled the National Spiritual Assembly of Ecuador: "Deeply saddened news passing outstanding sacrificial teacher Cause God Rufino Gualavisi. His noble qualities, his loving nature, his immense services indigenous masses native land never to be forgotten and worthy source pride your community. Urge hold befitting memorial meetings his blessed memory throughout country. Assure fervent prayers Holy Threshold for progress his radiant soul Kingdom on high. Kindly extend heartfelt condolences family and friends." (Baha’i News, June 1990)